Q: Where can I register for this game?
A: Sign up at this forum. The forum account will serve as the login for the Pixel Tennis gameserver. Use the following text to register:


Q: How can I play?
A: Grab the game from the downloads section and log in with your pixeltennis.com user. If you downloaded the game through Steam, you can also use your Steam account to play.

Q: Why do I have a health bar?
A: Aside from standard matches, Pixel Tennis is going to get a "battle mode", where you win by using spells to attack the opponents team and drain their health.

Q: Why is the game called "Pixel" Tennis?
A: In the first concept of the game in 2018, the playable characters were intended to look like pixelated 2D sprites with a style similar to RPG Maker and Octopath Traveler. This was less an artistic choice and more reasoned by the lack of 3D modeling skills. In the current version of the game, there is not much "Pixel" left in Pixel Tennis, but fear not. There is a plan to give the name a new meaning.

Q: I want more clothes, rackets, courts and game modes!
A: First: This is not a question. Second: Me too! If there is a general interest in the game, content updates will follow for sure.

Q: How can I support you?
A: There are many ways to support this project.
  • Tell other people about this project
  • Be active on pixeltennis.com
  • Contribute to the project by watching the support area or donating
  • Add or update the localization for your language with the Translation Guide

Q: How is Pixel Tennis going to be financed?
Pixel Tennis is a private project that I am working on my free time. It is planned to keep it as cost effective as possible, so that I can pay for servers and required software by myself.
If developing/maintaining the game forces me to invest bigger amounts of money, I most likely would try to get at least these costs covered by donation requests or ingame items (no, nothing gambling like!).

Q: I have another question that is not answered here
A: Then do not hesitate to ask it in the forums. I try to reply to it as soon as possible to keep this project transparent. Top