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Creating an online multiplayer tennis game is not an easy task. Normally, there is a game developer studio or any form of company involved in order to build and finance such a game.

In Pixel Tennis' case, it looks a bit different. It is a 100% private project, that is primarily maintained by me, WongKit. As I am a learned programmer, doing coding related stuff is not an issue. However, a game consists of more than just logic. There are other essential parts like 3D design, animation or sound design as well. As I cannot also handle all of these topics by myself, the games future relies on support and contributions from the community - from you.

I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to the project so far:

He was the first contributor who created hand crafted sample textures for the arena copy cat court. Although I do not know if the court will stay in a final release because of the announced art style changes, I am very sure, that you will be able to experience it on Milestone 1.

Thanks to Hibris, you can listen to Pixel Tennis "nostalgia" track you hear in youtu.be/YNw3aybjUHk. This is a great reinterpretation of the abandoned and nearly forgotten original.

Javril Young (Onigiri)
Onigiri created two really neat music tracks where one of them will become the game's title music. As Pixel Tennis does not feature a title screen yet, I was not able to include it to the game. Shame on me :(
The tracks will be introduced at a later stage, so stay tuned!

I was really surprised, when he first contacted me through pixeltennis.de. It has been a long time since we "worked together" on BoneKit's Basic Tournament for Fantasy Tennis. After assigning some sample tasks to him and discussing them, I can say, that I am very happy, that he will support Pixel Tennis on back end programming and testing!

faller-magie, KillerZXN, Aptal... Aptal!, Gono, !.powns.!, Osty and Milov
Many thanks to you for providing additional translations for the game!

If you want to support Pixel Tennis, check the Support area for current requests. It is also possible to contribute to the project by donations. The project is kept as cost effective as possible, so donations are not mandatory. However, homepage, game server and development resources like assets actually do cost money. So if you want to take over some of these costs or just want to show you appreciation, feel free to do so!

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