• About Pixel Tennis
Pixel Tennis is a an online multiplayer tennis game written in Unity an engine, that was much more liked, when the project started.
The game features singles and doubles matches, an rpg like leveling system, special shots and much more. It has arcade-style game mechanics are inspired by an old game named Fantasy Tennis, that went offline around 2012.

This project started as an ambitious hobby around May 2017 and is maintained by just a single person (Heya, that's me, WongKit) As creating such a game is not an easy task and is also very time consuming, I have no idea when it will get something like a final release. Therefore, I decided to make it playable while it is still in development. Pixel Tennis' gameplay is solid and already makes fun, but it lacks a bit of content like different courts and game modes.

Court Isle

Court Isle Special Shot Animation

Court Arena

Court Arena