Bug list for Milestone 1

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Bug list for Milestone 1

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Hi there,

here you can find all currently known bugs that were reported for milestone 1. This is more or less an overview on open topics that need to be worked on. "Unconfirmed" means, that I still have to check it before it is handled as a bug.
Gameplay, balancing and feature recommendations are not part of this list.

  • Drop shot is really strong (really fast though) @Seikk
  • As I've tried to join for the first time in a room (double clicked it), I've bugged it and 2 sessions of my client were made in the same room, my character being on 2 slots of the room. @Milov
  • once when starting a game, after the air camera angle of the players, I got into an endless "eagle eye perspective" of the court. if you dont know what im talking about Wong I can send you a screenshot. prolly a player left or something and it put the rest into this limbo. @Widukind
  • Team colors missing in rooms @Milow
  • If 2 players hit the ball at the same time, it's like rng which ball gets registered and will be shown to the opponent @Suijake
  • Online List and Stats window do not open again if they was open before while switching from room to lobby @WongKit
  • When you walk diagonally toward the net, you can't move @Seikk
  • Kicking a player from a room blocks his connection id. If the player disconnects and a new client gets the same connection id, the new client will be blocked @WongKit
  • The chat isnt visible after a game, because it gets blocked by the exp gained screen @Widukind
  • Delay at start serving and serve throw missing @Seikk
  • Logon screen does not react to Tab or Enter @Milov
  • Test run #5 - Server resets serve when waiting for a timeout @WongKit
  • Closing the chat window in a match twice with ESC does not work. The input field does not get focused @Marten
  • Test run #5 - Sometimes™ you can charge your shot before the ball bounced twice @WongKit
  • Test run #5 - Sometimes™ you can return special shots when out of reach @WongKit
  • Test run #5 - Server could crash under certain circumstances (not publish the details until this is fixed) @WongKit
  • Framerate counter inaccurate @Marten @Milov
  • Menu breaks when switching while online list is open @WongKit
  • Room broke sometimes™ (maybe on disconnect right before starting a match?) @WongKit
  • Pressing down + a should be a shorther lob than the one we have now, could check on official FT videos from before, but shouldn't be at the middle line
  • Down smash is very (too) strong when angled @Milov
  • Ctrl key must not switch chat type in combination with a keyboard shortcut @Milov
  • It's hard to see if special bar is completely full @WongKit
  • Miss sign sometimes™ out of place when special shots are used @WongKit
  • New match round can continue with the previously hit ball in rare scenarios™ @WongKit
  • Tie-Break missing for 1on1 and 2on2 @Seikk
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