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[devblog] Website Redesign

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If you were visiting this website before, you might noticed, that things look different.
With todays update, pixeltennis.de received a major redesign that gives it a generally more professional look.

It is a bit difficult for me to speak about homepage changes, when most of you are waiting for game updates, but this step had to be done and was as equally important in my opinion. The old design was functional, but it clearly felt like a generic forum template. With the new one, we now have something like an actual landing page for new people who are interested in the game. It is now also easier to publish updates, as the latest news and most recent progress post are visible on the main page.

Pixel Tennis Design Comparison.png
Pixel Tennis Design Comparison.png (32.53 KiB) Viewed 10662 times

There were a lot of changes in the backend which also allow for a deeper integration between the website and the game in the future. See who is playing while browsing the forum? Checking global match statistics on the homepage? Well, it’s not done yet, but it is technically possible now :P.

As for everything new, there might be bugs or other issues. If you found something to complain about, please do so. If you have any other kind of feedback, please let me know as well!

What's next? If you followed the progress section, you saw that the latest (unreleased) game changes also mentioned mobile support. There will be a closed mobile test soon-ish™, where I will rely on your help to gather performance and playability feedback for Pixel Tennis for Android. A separate announcement will follow once the version is ready.
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